Model Publication Scheme & Data Transparency




The Department of Communities and Local Government has produced a proposed Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency. The Government wants to increase transparency through publication of open and reusable data enabling taxpayers to see how local authorities are using public money. Warminster Town Council wishes to follow the Code as published and will arrange for the following information to be loaded onto its website to become accessible to its readers:

Information available from the Town Council under the model publication scheme @ May 2016


  • Senior salaries which are above £58,200

The Council has no member of staff earning a salary in excess of this figure

  • An organizational chart of the staff structure  

Staff structure @ November 2018


  • Councillors' allowances and expenses

An annual budget of £1000 is set aside for the Mayor to draw upon for expenses incurred whilst attending Civic functions (see Mayor and Members' Expenses Policy below).


       Copies of contracts/tenders to businesses and to the voluntary community and social enterprise sector

          Notice of Consulsion of Audit 2018/2019         

          Notice of Conclusion Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement 2018/19
          Notice of Conclusion Section 2 - Annual Governance Statement 2018/19
          Notice of Conclusion Section 3 - Annual Governance Statement 2018/19
          Accounting Statements 2018-2019
          Annual Governance Statement 2018-2019

          Annual Return Notice of Conclusion



       Financial Year 2016-2017 Expenditure including costs, supplier and transaction information


                 January 2017

                 February 2017

                 March 2017 


     Financial Year 2017-2018 Expenditure including costs, supplier and transaction information

                  April 2017            

                  May 2017

                  June 2017

                  July 2017

                  August 2017


2016.06.20 Inspection of Documents


Paper copies of this information are available from the Civic Centre on request.

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