Grant Applications

...calling all local clubs and societies


The Town Council has delegated the consideration of grants to its Finance & Assets Committee who will consider applications once a year. Adverts are placed in the Warminster Journal at the appropriate time. Submissions for 2018 will be considered in June 2018. Thereafter the application process will not re-open again until 2019.

Please get in touch to discuss any questions you may have on the process.

The criteria for any group to apply is:

  1. There will be direct benefit to Warminster or part of the area or to some or all of its inhabitants
  2. That the direct benefit which will accrue to the area or inhabitants will be commensurate with the amount of expenditure.
  3. That, with the exception of disaster fund appeals, no grants will be made to national based organisations unless they can show the proportion of direct benefit to the residents of Warminster.
  4. Grants will only be made to individuals in exceptional circumstances.
  5. The grant application must be applied for by an authorised member of the charity or organisation.
  6. Capital requests only will be considered.
  7. Only one grant per organisation will be given in any one financial year and this will be limited to £1,000 per applicant. The council year runs 1st April–31st March.



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