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8th January 2014

Mayor wishing to recognise local volunteers at his Civic Reception

We are all aware that Warminster is full of people who work quietly behind the scenes, giving a huge amount of time and effort to run organisations or act on behalf of others in a voluntary
capacity. These people carry out their efforts selflessly, their only reward being the knowledge that without their assistance many of the activities would cease to exist, to the detriment of the less advantaged members of our community.

The Mayor is asking for people to come forward with names of those who deserve recognition for the work they do in the community, so that he can invite them to his Civic Reception at Longleat House on 21st March. He would like to acknowledge the fact that although they prefer to keep a low profile their work does not go unnoticed. This small event serves as a token of gratitude from Warminster to those who enhance the lives of others.

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