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1st September 2014

Will the Show go on?

With 700 schedules having been distributed to garden centres, shops and other outlets for the Warminster Flower and Vegetable Show on 20th September, staff at the Civic Centre were optimistic that the enthusiasm being shown by people picking up the schedules would result in a vibrant show that would become an annual event in Warminsterís calendar. Unfortunately this enthusiasm hasnít materialized in completed entry forms, and with so few having been received there is serious doubt as to whether the show will be held at all. The original closing date for entries was 3rd September, but this has now been extended to 13th September to give people more opportunity to complete their entry forms. There are eight separate divisions to enter, including a childrenís section, and a total of 72 classes, so there is an array of different opportunities to showcase your talents, ranging from home-grown produce such as runner beans or onions, floral displays on various themes, or the domestic section which includes home-made bread and preserves.
Please make sure the show can go on by completing you entry forms and returning them to the Civic Centre by 4.30 pm on Friday 13th September.

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