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14th October 2014

Please don’t feed the pigeons

The pigeon problem that once seemed confined to the Old Town Hall appears to be multiplying at an alarming rate, according to Councillor Batchelor who has been approached by several businesses and members of the public concerned about the increasing amount of pigeon detritus on the pavements. “I believe that the pigeon population has doubled in the last 18 months”, Councillor Batchelor told the Town Development Committee on 6th October. “There seems to be an indication that the pigeons are being fed, which is leading to the multiplication in flocks.” The Councillors agreed that the pavements are a disgrace, especially outside eating establishments where there are concerns that the droppings create a health hazard. “If people are feeding the pigeons they are probably doing so with good intentions and are unaware of the problems this is causing,” said Councillor Davis. “We’re asking the public to please stop feeding them as there is such an increase in numbers as a result. We hope people will understand the difficulties businesses have in trying to keep their premises clear, and how offputting it is to customers having to negotiate the mess.”

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