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2nd March 2016

Fencing at Queensway to be extended

There have been a number of welcome improvements to the play area at Queensway, with play equipment for children up to the age of 15 being fenced off to protect the area from dog fouling. The recent addition of an outdoor gym for older children and adults has meant the fencing needs to be extended to include this equipment.
Councillor Macdonald had been in discussions with Wiltshire Council over moving the existing fencing to run along the footpath and encompass the whole area. Wiltshire Council had approved the idea in principle but were not in a position to fund it. Councillors at the Town Development Committee meeting on Monday 29th February agreed to support the costs of 3570 + VAT for this project, on the understanding that Wiltshire Council would still be responsible for the maintenance of the railings once they had been moved.

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